Digital Trends in Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling: Construction Information Modeling is the process and digital representation for modeling and managing the physical aspects of a construction project. It is a general knowledge base for facility information, providing a solid foundation for decisions throughout the life cycle of the facility, from construction to decommissioning. BIM can be used to create (3D) models and can be extended to include schedule (4D), cost estimation (5D), durability (6D) and operation maintenance (7D). It offers many advantages including more efficient design, better integration, lower cost, increased accuracy and significant reduction in errors and rework. BIM is expected to save between 4% and 6% on project costs. The importance of BIM has increased as technology standards expand. Virtual and Augmented Reality: Manufacturing companies can now see the next phase of design, fabrication and production of their project components using technologies such as AR and VR. A living, cl